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Week 9: Platelets and Coagulation

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Key objectives:

What is Haemostasis?

What physiological processes prevents thrombosis?

How do we assess coagulation/platelet function?

What are some disorders of haemostasis?

How do we reverse anticoagulation?

What are the clinical indications for platelets, FFP, Cryo/Fibrinogen?

All tutorial material and more covered below:

Download PDF • 956KB
Role of platelets in Haemostasis
Download PDF • 186KB
Outline the methods for assessing coagul
Download • 231KB
Disorders of haemostasis
Download PDF • 145KB
Clinical indications for Platelets
Download PDF • 148KB
Clinical indications for Cryoprecipitate
Download • 102KB
Clinical indications for FFP
Download PDF • 112KB

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